Letters from Incarcerated Gamers is a collection of 13 hand-written letters to Electronic Gaming Monthly magazine (circa 2007) from people in correctional facilities. 

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Cover illustration Maré Odomo

Here Between You Me plugs in the Game Boy to play another jam. The song is called Redhead Dawn and frontman Terence says it’s about … a blonde. 

Feel free to dance.

Here Between You Me performs their song Fire at the Continental Room in Fullerton, CA 04/28/2013. Video by Aquma and One Million HP.

The premiere episode of One Million Hit Points. 

We talk to Capybara Games’ Nathan Vella about secret stuff in Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP. Then we visit with Al over at A&J Games in West LA. UCLA Quidditch star Vanessa Goh shares a gaming memory. And we do some more video game art shorts. 

Here’s the pilot for One Million Hit Points. It’s essentially a video game themed Sesame Street…for adults!

This episode features senior citizens playing in a Wii bowling tournament, the Game Over art exhibit, some Rez and Sound Shapes art, and more.